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Pre-Orders/Backorders Information

VIRPIL Controls accepts pre-orders and backorders.

A pre-order is for a new product which is not yet released. A backorder is for a product currently in active production, but out of stock.

Any item that is out of stock can be ordered at anytime and the order will be dispatched when the items are in stock. Please note the following before creating an order;

All orders are charged at the checkout unless otherwise specified.
If the payment for your pre-order fails, our support team will contact you directly to resolve the issue.
Orders (pre-order and backorders included) can be cancelled at any time before dispatch.
An order will only be dispatched when all the items within the order are available.
Orders are dispatched in chronological order, but the total lead time will vary depending on which items have been pre-ordered as some items may take longer than others to arrive in stock.
Estimated lead times can be provided on request by emailing [email protected] with your order information. We ask that due to the high demand please wait ~1 week before requesting a lead time on an existing order.
Existing orders cannot be edited. To make changes to your order it would necessary to cancel your existing order and create a new one with the amended items. To prevent abusing the queue system, the lead time will now be re-calculated from the date of the new order based on the new ordered items and the queue position from the cancelled order will not be retained.

Placing an order with VIRPIL Controls acknowledges that you have read and accepted these terms.

If you have any questions regarding orders on the VIRPIL USA webstore, please contact us at [email protected]

Payment Information

All prices are listed in USD ($). Customers order from outside of the USA (Canada and Mexico) may be charged the import fees and any applicable local taxes once the order is received by their local import office. For the exact charges including product taxes, import duty and customs fees, please contact the courier, your local import office or review your local government website for more information on importing products from the USA.

Currently the following payment methods are supported:



If you receive a payment declined error on the checkout page, please double check that the entered details are correct - any continued issues are almost always due to the card provider blocking the transaction. These issues can usually be resolved simply by contacting your card provider or bank.

If you have any questions or issues regarding payments on the VIRPIL USA webstore, please contact us at [email protected]